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WCB Claims Management

WCB Claims Management

WCB premium costs and lost time due to injury affect your company’s bottom line. 

Benefits to working with the Care Institute's WCB claims department:

·         Return your employees to work faster;

·         Reduce WCB claim costs;

·         Single point of contact;

·         Constant contact with you and your employees;

·         Monthly reports for your safety committee to review. 

We have developed a unique electronic reporting system that:
1.  Reduces the administrative challenges of injury reporting
2.  Prompts continued claim follow up, and
3.  Manages your company's injury statistical data. 
Reporting:  Our user-friendly Injury Report Forms are easy to follow and cut down on paperwork usually associated with WCB claims.  Our Advisors can speed up the process of reporting injury by working directly with your HR department to obtain necessary employee information.
Assessing:  Our advisors here are experts on compensation law and policy.  We provide a professional review of each incident report and accident investigation. 
We also, on request, will appeal unfavorable decisions to the Workers' Compensation Review Board and the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT). 
Managing:  Managing the claim requires continuous communication between all parties.  We build discreet and candid working relationships with the WCB Entitlement Officers and Claims Managers to hold them accountable for the progress of the claim.  We provide regular updates to the employer on the status of the claim and the expected return to work date. 
Early / Modified Return-to-Work Coordination
One of the most effective ways to lower WCB claims costs is to encourage an early return to work program. 
The Care Institute will coordinate the injured worker's early return to work by liaising with WCB, the medical community and the Employer. 
Call today to discuss how the Care Institute's expert team can assist your company in lowering their WCB claim costs today. 
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