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CSO Training

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Construction Safety Officer Training


This course is an introduction to Occupational Health and Safety. 

The learning objectives cover the fundamental elements of health and safety management systems, hazard recognition, assessment, and control. It covers safety legislation and the requirements of a safety program: inspections, accident investigations, worker participation, training, and effective communications. The course applies to industry managers, supervisors, and individuals who wish to pursue a career in Occupational Health and Safety.
  • This  course qualifies the successful participant to apply for ASTTBC certification as a Construction Safety Officer and gain experience on a construction site.
  • This  course is eligible for transfer credits to BCIT Certificate of OH&S,
  • This course is eligible for transfer credits to BCCSA Construction Safety Specialist (CSS), and, 
  • This course is aligned with the competency areas required to attain the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation.

CSO - Part 1


CSO Week # 1: Trade Safety Coordinator (TSC)


Cost:  $750.00 (plus tax) 

35 hours
This course can be taken by Distance Learning TSC (6 week program)  
or from home by Zoom during class time.    

Must have audio and video on your computer and have Word processing ability.  
The first level provides the participant with the knowledge and ability to perform the duties of a Trade Safety coordinator (TSC)
The course examines the various authorities and legislation governing construction sites. Included are:
  • Vancouver Building Bylaw,
  • Workers Compensation Act,
  • Occupational Health & Safety Regulation,
  • National Fire Code to name a few.
  • Responsibilities of all parties are discussed and prevention activities to meet the duties of responsible persons are explained, namely:
    • Health and Safety Programs,
    • conducting risk assessments,
    • writing safe work procedures,
    • instructing and training,
    • doing site inspections,
    • managing injury reporting,
    • and leading accident investigations.

Please call to register: 604-873-6018  

CSO Part 1 - 2024

Course NoStart Date End Date Time:  
CSO1-24-001Jan 22 Jan 268:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-002Feb 19Feb 238:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-003Mar 18Mar 228:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-004Apr 22Apr 268:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-005May 20May 248:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-006Jun 17June 218:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-007Jul 22Jul 268:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-008Aug 19Aug 238:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-009Sep 23Sep 278:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-010Oct 21Oct 258:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-011Nov 18Nov 228:00am-4:00pm 
CSO1-24-012Dec 9Dec 138:00am-4:00pm 

CSO Part 1 - 2024 - Weekends

Course #Start DateEnd DateTime
CSO1-24-001Jan 13Jan 27 8:00am-4:00pm
CSO1-24-002Mar 9Mar 238:00am-4:00pm
CSO1-24-003May 4May 188:00am-4:00pm
CSO1-24-004Jul 13Jul 278:00am-4:00pm
CSO1-24-005Sept 14Sept 288:00am-4:00pm
CSO1-24-006Nov 16Nov 30 8:00am-4:00pm

CSO - Part 2


CSO Week # 2 Construction Safety Officer Training

Cost:  $750.00 (plus tax) 

35 hours

This course is offered through Zoom during class times below.  

The second level provides the participant with the knowledge and ability to perform the job of a Construction Safety Officer.   The participant must have successfully completed the first week of training prior to enrolling in the CSO second week of training. Specific construction hazards are discussed in detail. Included are: Confined space entry, lockout, scaffolding, rigging, high voltage clearance, excavations, fall protection, concrete construction, electrical safety, cranes and hoists, traffic control and Emergency planning.


Communication skills are highlighted in this course. The participant will learn and practice enhanced ability to record, track, and communicate required statistics and due diligence evidence to protect the interest of the prime contractor. The participant will be able to record site activities and produce reports capable of tracking: person-hours, injury statistics, site orientations, accident investigations, meeting minutes, and risk assessments.


The participant will also become familiar with best practice protocols for emergency response following the unfortunate event of a site fatality.


Please call to register:  604-873-6018  

CSO Part 2 - 2024

Course NoStart DateEnd DateTimes 
CSO2-24-001Jan 29Feb 28:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-002Feb 26Mar 18:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-003Mar 25Mar 298:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-004Apr 29May 38:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-005May 27May 318:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-006Jun 24June 288:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-007Jul 29Aug 28:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-008Aug 26Aug 308:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-009Sept 30Oct 48:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-010Oct 28Nov 18:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-011Nov 25Nov 298:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-012Dec 16Dec 208:00am-4:00pm 

CSO Part 2 - 2024 - Weekends

Course #Start DateEnd DateTime
CSO2-24-001Feb 10Feb 248:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-002Apr 13Apr 278:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-003Jun 8 Jun 2228:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-004Aug 10Aug 248:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-005Oct 19Nov 28:00am-4:00pm 
CSO2-24-006Dec 7Dec 21 8:00am-4:00pm