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Safety Committee Courses

New Member Safety Committee Training

New Member Safety Committee Training 

Course Content:  
  • Law and Policy 
  • Employer's Duty to consult 
  • Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Hazard Identification and Control 
  • Investigations and Inspections 
  • Rules of Procedure 
  • Making recommendations. 
Price Per Person:  $130.00 (plus tax) 

Ask for group rates. 

Only by Zoom at this time.  Only 12 participants.  

New Member - Course Dates - 2021

Course #'s Date (Wednesday) By Zoom Only 
JC-21-001January 13
JC-21-002February 10
JC-21-003March 10
JC-21-004April 14
JC-21-005May 12
JC-21-006June 9
JC-21-007July 14 
JC-21-009September 8 (Full) 
JC-21-042September 9 
JC-21-010October 13
JC-21-011November 10
JC-21-012December 8

Safety Committee Entitlement Training


Entitlement Training for Health & Safety Committee Members

 Pick two of the following (4 Hour)Modules: 

  • ·          Duties and Functions of the Safety Committee 
  • ·          Safety Inspections  
  • ·       Accident Investigation 
  •  Effective Communication 
  • Hazard ID and Risk Assessment with How to Write Safe Work Procedures 
  • Assessing Your Health & Safety Program with Evaluating Committee Effectiveness
  • ·          Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI)
  • ·          Respectful Workplaces (Bullying in the Workplace)
  • ·          Return to Work Claims Management
Mix and match for your safety committees. 
Ask today about group rates.  

Entitlement Training - Course Dates - 2021

DateMorning AfternoonCost
February 24, 2021 

Accident Investigation
  • Learn about the reporting requirements 
  • Complete the New AI form 
  • Identify root causes 
  • Apply the Investigation process to case studies 
Safety Inspections 
  • Law and Policy 
  • What to inspect 
  • Who Inspects 
  • Inspection Process Forms 
  • Follow-up 
  • The Safety Committee and Inspections 
  • Workshop: Carrying out an inspection, complete a checklist and inspection report 
$130.00 (plus gst) per person  
March 24, 2021 

Hazard ID and Risk Assessment 
  • Explain various methods of identifying hazards 
  • Describe effective risk assessment models 
  • Apply risk control for optimum effectiveness
  • How to Write Safe Work Procedures


Assessing your Health and Safety Program 
  • Learn how to comply with WorkSafeBC 
  • Identify Key components of a safety Program 
  • Describe positive safety culture 
  • Workshop:  Apply COR audit to 1 program element
  • Evaluating Committee Effectiveness

$130.00 (plus tax)  per person 
April 28, 2021 Respectful Workplaces 
  • Law and Policy 
  • Identify Chronic Stressors including Bullying and Harassment 
  • Safety Program content and WorkSafeBC Claims 
  • Required reporting and investigating procedures 
Effective Communication 
  • Understand the principles of communication 
  • Describe how to avoid conflict in the workplace 
  • Choose appropriate delivery for training adults 
  • Make recommendations to promote safety. 

$130.00 (plus tax)  
per person