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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Training

Corporate Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training 

Topics covered in the ERT training include the following: 
  • Definition of disaster and emergency;
  • Legislation overview; 
  • Personal and home preparedness;
  • Overview of your company's emergency response system and review of emergency plans;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team and individual members;
  • Overview of spill containment, bomb threat procedures, different types of fires and fire safety procedures; 
  • Priority of actions;
  • Hazard recognition and evaluation including structural and non-structural hazards; 
  • Search and rescue techniques and skills; 
  • Personal protective equipment usage and limitations; 
  • Triage techniques;
  • Injury and casualty management;
  • Peer group critical incident stress debriefing;
  • Resources management; 
  • Incident Command System; basic training.
Length of Course:  Three (3) days 
Size of Group:  Up to 12 participants 

Emergency Preparedness for the Home


Are you and Your family Prepared?  

To know more, get your booklet to assist in getting your family and home prepared.  

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Online Training

Emergency Preparedness - $12.95   (taxes included)